Roofing Repair

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Most roofs require re-roofing or repair every ten years. Before deciding to re-roof a building or home, Porter Roofing performs a thorough inspection and presents your options and costs with the best-recommended solution.
Re-roofing means removing the current roof, removing the roof underlayment, and examining the plywood deck. After making any necessary deck repair, we install the new underlayment over the clean deck and add the roofing material. Re-roofing may involve re-installing the existing roof tiles or installing new roof tiles. On shingle roofs, we install new shingles.

New Construction Roofing Process
With more than 25 years of experience, Porter Roofing understands what it takes to install a durable roof in our extreme Arizona weather. We built our reputation one building at a time through Phoenix roofing installation.
We have extensive experience with different types of roof construction.

  • For new construction with tile roofing, we add paper underlayment to a clean wood deck, install the battens, and install the tile.
  • For new construction with shingle roofing, we install felt to a clean deck and install the new shingles.
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